Painting is important building sustainability because it protects and preserves the building and prolongs its life. However, conventional paints can make the air you breathe a chemical cocktail, even long after they have dried, as they continue to release petroleum based solvents, called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Green Painter
Apartment building Painted with Rockcote

Plant and Mineral-based paints are made using naturally occurring ingredients, and therefore do not require high levels of processing. Many of the ingredients are made from renewable resources, such as linseed oil, and citrus oil, and therefore avoid contributing to greenhouse gas emissions over the life of the product.  ‘Natural’ paints use plant-derived solvents and binders instead of synthetic ones, and usually have low VOC levels. It results in better health outcomes, and uses renewable resources for the most sustainable living.

Aged Care Home Painted with Rockcote.
Aged Care Home Painted with Rockcote.

New paint technology can also help you increase the energy efficiency of your building, cutting up to 50% off your air conditioning costs, and offsetting carbon emissions.

Green Paint
VOC free Paint

As an Accredited Green Painter ,  ABC Services is qualified and trained to advise you on how to make the best choice for your project.